About Wild West Commercial Fishing... CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS...

The Wild West Commercial Fishing website you are currently viewing (
http://www.wildwestfish.net and/or http://www.wildwestfish.com)
is a work in progress--the folks behind this project consider this stage of the virtual venture as "
PHASE 1." We all agree it's presently a bit wordy, so phases 2 and 3 and 4 and beyond will contain a more elaborate, multi-media array of information, yet the website is intended to remain easily navigable, entertaining, and potentially enlightening :-).

Initial discussions of topics and mediums have included:::


>> More detailed information on Seafood Products provided by Wild West Commercial Fishing (for example, constructing a profile on the ecology, fishing practices, markets, science, media, and politics of the California spiny lobster).

>> Pertinent Fish Stories behind Wild West Commercial Fishing, such as the (1) the first catch of the Wild West (2) more technical background on the Wild West fishing boat (3) suggested seafood meals and munchies, by Wild West and local fishermen (4) Wild West and local fisheries issues featured in media stories, and so forth.

>> Local Stories and Resources, potentially entitled "Diary of a Localogist," featuring San Diegan fishermen, as well as affiliated individuals, communities, opportunities, and issues (e.g. how marine protected areas, pollution, catch shares, and sustainable seafood labels affect the San Diego community, whether you are a seafood provider, distributor, and/or consumer).


>> Photography Portfolio (stills and collages)

>> Comics, Cartoons, largely related to the fishing, fisheries,
and inter-related ocean issues
>> Graphic Animation and Data Visualization
>> Video and Animation Content
>> Limited Merchandising of All Things Fish
(t-shirts and other useful stuff you can get dirty while you work!)

So, please be sure to stay tuned, visit this website,
and follow its metamorphosis!!!

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